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Matterport VR


We provided VR UI/UX and development for Matterport Inc., producing prototypes and providing performance optimization. Their VR app for Gear VR allowed for the exploration of real-life spaces captured with Matterport’s 3D cameras. Our UI design and development considered carefully researched VR-specific design standards and interactions created specifically for interacting with 3D space.



We were brought in to consult with Beaudry Interactive, LLC, in order to contribute our expertise in fluid simulation to the creation of the Rainbow Rain installation at The Crayola Experience in the Mall of America. With Rainbow Rain, guests interact with streams of colorful fluids falling from above projected on a screen. Highly realistic, the real-time fluid simulation system is capable of producing more than 30,000 particles per second.

FluvioFX is a solution for real-time 2D/3D fluid physics. First built as a fluid dynamic simulation for Unity, Fluvio has grown into open source project FluvioFX. FluvioFX simulates water, steam, fire, smoke, paint, blood, and more at higher time steps than conventional physics solvers, hitting demanding requirements for VR and mobile platforms. It is the current market-leading and most popular fluid dynamics solution for the Unity engine.

With Chipmunk, we set out to solve a problem creatives, game developers, and marketing teams face every day: keeping a sea of files in order. We couldn’t find a solution for managing our creative process so we decided to make our own.

Built with React, Chipmunk allows teams to create requests for content, upload and comment on works in progress, and keeps a history of this activity. In addition to creating the app, we created a social media presence, support documentation, and marketing campaigns for the product.

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Fluid simulation and application development

Open source project

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